Digital Content

Kebun Kumara purposefully utilizes our platform to create content with the intention of strengthening our joint power to achieve a sustainable, more mindful living. Our materials are all aimed to instill a sense of urgency, ease and empowerment to take action.

Our Instagram is home to narratives with purpose, a place where we establish intimate interactions through open dialogue, honest storytelling and a continuous relay of gardening insights. And our YouTube channel is home to educational entertainment videos where we visualize our learning topics in simple, feasible means, for anyone, especially those unable to participate in our workshops, can access our materials comfortably. 

Additionally, we also offer Content Creating Services for clients who wish to elevate the subject of gardening, composting or any other sustainability-related themes for their dedicated market. As content creators, we provide expertise in storyline ideation, scriptwriting, project management, location and on-site preparation and on-camera talent. For all production and post-production work, Kebun Kumara has partnered with a renowned production house to cater Clients who wish to commission high-quality, finished outputs. 

We hope to be the bearer of meaningful content. And we are always trying to spread awareness and boost the collective ecological spirit through content and media collaboration. 

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