About Us

We are a group of city kids thirsty for knowledge more holistic to help us lead better, meaningful lives. In 2016 we became familiar with permaculture and started learning to grow our own food.

With that, our journey with Kebun Kumara was born and we are now continuously aiming to realize healthy, sustainable urban culture through greener habits and regenerative landscapes.

Since 2017, we have developed, tested and matured our teaching and learning approach to accommodate the most basic needs of the those living in the city, from young to old. 

Our public workshops help urban dwellers gain skills that empowers their sustainable journey from home. Our customized company events and employee programs amplify collective awareness and a deeper experience of sustainability. And our children programs assist schools with ecological education and support parents with outdoor nature experience for their young ones.

As our passion in sustainable living intensified, our business extended to include design and build services that integrate sustainable systems into gardens, forests and green landscapes. The city life demands a reconnection to nature. It must be intertwined within the fabric of our environmental and social capital.

It is time we create a new paradigm of urban living, one food garden or one pocket forest at a time!

Our Team

Siti Soraya Cassandra

Dhira Narayana

Siti Alia Ramadhani

Rendria Arsyan Labde

Satrio Yogiswara

Dholi Arham

Sarah Adipayanti

Kartika Luthfiyah

Rika Ayu Lestari

Rahman Ibrahim

Mansur Hidayat

Irvan Yuli

Cynthia Carolina

Nirmala Hafizah