Our Kumara Landscape Team helps grow gardens, forests and green landscapes through our design and build services that integrate sustainable systems into your existing landscape. Our ecosystem-focused approach allow natural environments to perform greater, more holistic purpose and functions for all of its surroundings. We wish to empower and co-create with individuals, communities and corporations through our conscious design-and-build services.

We wish to empower and co-create with individuals, communities and corporations through our conscious design-and-build services.

Regenerative Landscape Projects

Our vision is to elevate the way people interact with their surroundings by designing landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also promote healthy living, environmental stewardship and food production.

Green landscapes, flourishing with a rich ecosystem of plants, animals and natural microbiome, offer invaluable benefits to our wellbeing. Its physical, psychological, and emotional value are inestimable, as they positively influence the way we feel, think and act.

Within out great vision lies the belief that regenerative landscapes will prove to be crucial for the sustainability of our cities, our environment, our social capital and therefore our lives.

Our Approach

Our design is driven by Permaculture principles which takes into consideration the sustainability of the landscape. 

This includes working with the natural systems and designing for optimal behavioral intervention that not only sustain the garden but also help us normalize environmentally-friendly choices in everyday behavior. 

Permaculture, in short, is a holistic approach to designing landscapes, behaviors and habits. Below are some of the elements we incorporate within our design as a vital part of our sustainable approach : 

  • Water Conscious Design : Water is a vital, natural resource which we must integrate sustainably in the garden, for instance by installing an automatic irrigation system or rain water haversting to optimize resource catchment, storage and use
  • Companion Planting : Leafy greens, edible flowers, medicinal plants, and fragrant herbs are purposely mixed together for optimal growth, soil strength, and plant endurance against disease and insect attacks.
  • Composting System : Composting provides the most perfect, circular solution to transforming trash into treasure and sustain a flourishing ecosystem.

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Forest Garden, 2023
BSD | 50 sqm

Praestiya Mulya Pocket Forest, 2023
BSD | 30 sqm

Hook Home Garden, 2022
Kalideres | 56 sqm

Family Kitchen Garden, 2021
Kemang | 65 sqm

Enchanted Garden, 2020
South Jakarta | 50 sqm

Getaway Garden, 2019
Bogor | 1200 sqm