We grew our first edible urban garden in 2016 at Pulau Situ Gintung , Ciputat, by transforming dump sites and neglected areas into food producing gardens and a composting coop. We utilize this space as a learning farm to demonstrate that caring for nature and eating organic, self grown food can be achieved within the urban setting. We kicked off our educational programs in 2017 and beginning late 2018, we started assisting others in turning their yards, balconies and walls into food-producing spaces with our Edible Landscaping Services.

Why Edible Landscaping?

The quality of the spaces we live in have a direct effect on our quality of life and our perception of the world. 

Designing edible gardens is about allowing room for nature to infiltrate our daily lives and influence mindful, meaningful living. Growing, nurturing and harvesting fresh food from home allows us and our families to reconnect deeper with our shared role as Earth Keepers.

Within our great vision lies the belief that edible landscapes will prove to be crucial for the sustainability of our cities, our environment, our societal relationships and therefore our lives. It is time we create a new paradigm for our urban landscape, one food garden at a time. 

Our Approach

Our design is driven by Permaculture principles which takes into consideration the sustainability of the landscape. 

This includes working with the natural systems and designing for optimal behavioral intervention that not only sustain the garden but also help us normalize environmentally-friendly choices in everyday behavior. 

Permaculture, in short, is a holistic approach to gardening. Below are some of the elements we incorporate within our design as a vital part of our sustainable approach : 

  • Water Conscious Design : Water is a vital, natural resource which we must integrate sustainably in the garden, for instance by installing an automatic irrigation system or rain water haversting to optimize resource catchment, storage and use
  • Companion Planting : Leafy greens, edible flowers, medicinal plants, and fragrant herbs are purposely mixed together for optimal growth, soil strength, and plant endurance against disease and insect attacks.
  • Composting System : Composting provides the most perfect, circular solution to transforming trash into treasure and sustain a flourishing ecosystem.

Our Process

Our services hope to support the different garden possibilities within the urban zone. From small-scale rooftops, miniature balconies, to the more spacious front yards, we offer our best support to help you grow your garden. The figure on the right outlines the flow of our service and its scope.



What We Do : On-site data collection comprising of site analysis, client need and wishes, client design design preferences, (i.e., garden ambience, choice of material, compost installation, etc.), and desired project timeline

Fee : 500.000 for Jakarta Area. This fee will be adjusted accordingly for other cities.

Output : After a minimum of seven days, the Client will receive:

  • A survey report consisting of site analysis and site planning/design approach
  • Design fee proposal

Design Phase

Once the design fee is agreed, we will coordinate with the Client to determining the Design Phase kick-off date. The design phase minimum takes two weeks until completion. Depends on complexity and size of the site.

We estimate design fee based on various factors, here we simplify the estimation by land size :

  • 300sqm : IDR 15.000.000
  • > 300sqm : IDR 35.000-50.000 per square meter (based on complexity of design)


  • Comprehensive Landscape Design that includes a conceptual/schematic siteplan, detailed construction drawings and a planting plan
  • Bill of quantity / Construction fee proposal

Garden Design

Garden design workshop is an intensive, collaborative four-hour workshop at the Client’s site to design a sustainable edible garden for the Client’s designated spot.


  • Two sessions of an online public workshop: Basic Gardening Workshop & Urban Home Composting Workshop
  • One session of online private design consultation (during 14 days after GDW).
    *Designed for small garden, less than 300 sqm area.

Fee : IDR 5.000.000


Should the client choose to commence construction with Kebun Kumara, the next step is to finalize project budget, construction plan and timeline.

Fee :
We will provide the actual construction cost once the final design and bill of quantity is approved. As an overview, our projects range from : IDR 300.000-600.000 per meter square, based on complexity and Clients preferences.

Output :

  • Hardscape (non-living, structutal elements, such as drainage, rainwater harvesting, garden beds, pathways, etc.)
  • Soft scape (soil preparation and overall plant transplant & care)

Once garden construction is completed, a formal handover process will be given to the Client on the necessary steps pertaining to garden care.



Kebun Kumara will return to the Client’s site 30 days after project completion.

Fee :
This one-time visit is inlusive of our construction fee. Should the client require additional visits, we are happy to prepare a quotation for our maintenance service.

Our garden fee maintenance includes:

  • Replanting (seed or seedling maintenance)
  • Pruning
  • Harvesting
  • Overall garden upkeep (weeding, mulching, watering)
  • Compost upkeep (evaluating compost pile, aerating, harvesting)
  • Installation repair (as needed)

Want a garden thriving with food?

Allow us to help you design and grow your very own food garden! 


Recreational Family Garden, 2019
Bogor | 1500 sqm

School Learning Garden, 2019
North Jakarta | 275 sqm

Tropical Edible Home Garden, 2020
South Jakarta | 300 sqm

Family Food Garden, 2020
North Jakarta | 113 sqm

Enchanted Garden, 2020
South Jakarta | 50 sqm

The Sisterhood Community Garden, 2018
South Jakarta | 26,4 sqm