School Programs

Since 2017, Kebun Kumara has supported schools with ecological education for their students. Our programs are inspired by the garden and contextualized to suit the varied learning needs of participants.

Our Field Trip programs offer 90-180 minute sessions on various topics such as gardening, composting, plastic upcycling, eco-enzyme, farm-to-table experience and nature art creation.

We can also design and run School Extracurricular or Afterschool Programs for a continous series of environmental knowledge and practical skills.

Our past clients include :

  • TK & SD Cikal
  • TK Highscope
  • SD Tunas Global
  • SD Cita Persada
  • SD Dian Harapan
  • The Little Hijabi Homeschooling
  • SD Lazuardi
  • SMP Cita Buana
  • SMP Raffles
  • Kinderhaven Preschool