About Us
We were a group of city kids thirsty for knowledge more holistic to help us lead better, meaningful lives. In 2016, we became familiar with permaculture and started learning to grow our own food. We failed many seeds, killed countless seedlings and injured too many worms. But this process taught us what years of our education could not achieve – that matching our nature with Nature brings knowledge and peace like no other. Now, we call ourselves (beginner) urban farmers and Kebun Kumara is our journey.
Our Journey
Indonesia’s indigenous and traditional cultures have long exercised a balanced living with nature. Modern societies have now realized the importance of mimicking this holistic, regenerative attitude. Such can be seen across Indonesia, namely Yogyakarta, Bali, and Salatiga. There, permaculture can be experienced in educational farms, environmentally-conscious living spaces, and fresh eateries. So, we reckon it is about time we grow our own green oases in Indonesia’s most bustling concrete jungle.
Kebun Kumara grew our first edible urban-garden in 2016 at Taman Wisata Pulau Situ Gintung–a recreational area in Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan. We transformed dump sites and neglected areas into food producing gardens and a composting chicken coop. Slowly but surely, Mother Nature performed her magic. Worms made their home, seeds grew and butterflies visited. An ecosystem flourished and created what is now Kebun Kumara.
Our learning farm shows how living more empathetically with nature can be achieved within the urban zone. Being city kids ourselves, we are living proof that anyone can garden, compost and grow their own food forest.
Our garden didn’t grow overnight. It took months of trial and error, and weeks of designing and building. We double-dug our grow beds, upcycled glass bottles and planted whatever edible greens we could get our hands on. Along the way, nature taught us what it reveals best, that nothing beats the value of patience and process.
As our passion for healthy living and local food intensifies, our business has extended to include edible landscaping services for homes and schools. Beginning in late 2018, we assisted others in turning their yards, balconies, and walls into food-producing spaces.
Kebun Kumara is located in Pulau Situ Gintung, a public recreational area situated in Ciputat, South Tangerang. Kebun Kumara will manage approximately 1.5 ha of this area as a learning green space. This area is just on the outskirts of South Jakarta, easily accessible from the inner zones of Jakarta and surrounding satellite cities.