Little Farmer Class

A fun workshop aiming to reconnect children with nature so that they will understand the process behind their food and the ecosystem which preserves it. This workshop is a hands-on learning experience through soil discovery, mixing and creating their own potting mix, learning to sow seeds and practicing the art of watering and plant care.

Being mindful of both the pandemic as well as the needs of children to obtain hands-on experiential learning, we offer offline small classes for private requests. These classes are held outdoors, at our garden, which aims to address common concerns of proper air circulation and physical distancing during the pandemic. We commonly group our classes based on age, hence 2-4 year olds usually are combined to share their session and chaperones are more than welcome to join. It is through real-life experiences and concrete interactions that children flourish, so what better way than to let children explore the great outdoors.

We also conduct online classes for schools and clients who wishes to conduct learning remotely. In these online workshops, we include a virtual tour that introduces children to medicinal herbs, aromatic plants and flowers, edible vegetables, and insects in the garden. Our Little Farmer Curriculum includes single sessions as well as class-packages for children aged 2-12 years and can be customized to suit large or small class-size, as per request.